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Respiratory Physiotherapy

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Respiratory Physiotherapy

It could be defined as “the art of applying physical techniques based on knowledge of respiratory pathophysiology, together with the psychoemotional knowledge of the patient to prevent, cure or, sometimes, just stabilize alterations that affect the thoracopulmonary system.”

More specifically, the main objectives are:

Help improve lung capacity and respiratory function. Improve dyspnea (or feeling of suffocation when breathing) and exercise tolerance. Reeducate respiratory muscles.

Thanks to respiratory physiotherapy, patients can:

Eliminate bronchial mucus. Reduce cough and avoid major complications. Be active and control the disease. Moderate and adapted exercise improves lung and heart function. Reduce the number of hospital admissions. Ventilate and clean the lungs.

We treat a wide range of conditions that impact the respiratory system. Moreover, we apply various chest clearance techniques, also exercise and learning pacing and resting positions to enable maximum functional ability.

Some of the pathologies we treat:

Bronchitis. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Cystic fibrosis. Asthma. Pulmonary emphysema. Bronchial obstruction reduction. Cough stimulation exercises. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Discharge eradication. Exhalation exercises.,Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis…

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