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Geriatric Rehabilitation

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Geriatric Rehabilitation

We address the needs of our older generation.

Above all, we aim to maintain functional independence in the elderly.Geriatric physiotherapy is decisive for, in addition to treating pain, promoting active and healthy aging, maintaining personal autonomy and preventing situations of dependency. To this end, physiotherapists agree that therapeutic exercise, well dosed and prescribed by a physiotherapist, is one of the best preventive tools to maintain or regain functional independence.

Life is movement and immobility must be prevented with active aging programs. Physical exercise and cognitive stimulation go hand in hand and are decisive in maintaining the quality of life of older people. Pathologies that we encounter:

Degenerative musculoskeletal and mental diseases. Long immobilisations. Active mobilisations. Passive mobilisations. Walk and balance rehabilitation. Psychomotricity, They have problems with hip prosthesis and knee prosthesis, they undergo cardiac physiotherapy due to their advanced age, frequent herniated disc, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, They frequently have a Cerebal Stroke.,

Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle atrophy and weakness, heart and lung diseases (COPD), hip fracture and knee fracture, Alzheimer’s.

Geriatric Rehabilitation marbella

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