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Post- Fracture Rehabilitation

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Post- Fracture Rehabilitation

The figure of the physiotherapist plays a vital role in the treatment of fractures.

The physiotherapist will work to promote calcium synthesis and the bone regeneration process. The most important thing is that the bone heals. There will also be secondary injuries such as edema and hemorrhage. .

One of the most effective methods in bone regeneration is the use of Magnetotherapy, which we have in our Guerrerophysio clinic. It consists of the application of a low-frequency magnetic field (between 1 and 100 Hz) that will generate biochemical changes. Magnetotherapy acts on osteoblastic cells, which are responsible for regenerating bone.

The consequences at the muscular level: Atrophy and decreased muscle tone, we will have to strengthen the muscles around the injury.

We have to do proprioception work on the joint to improve motor control and prevent recurrent injuries.

We will treat the edema and hemorrhage from the injury with cold, compression bandage, massage therapy and manual lymphatic drainage. These techniques have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

At the joint and tissue level, due to immobilization there will be stiffness and limitation to movement. We have to work on capsulo-ligamentous mobility and improve tissue flexibility.

Avoid complications of fractures such as Sudeck Syndrome: the limb is edematous, swollen, shiny and sweaty.

Most fractured bones will heal in usually 7-8 weeks. But that is only half of the problem. Because of this, we carefully perform post-trauma rehabilitation to ensure fast return to full function.

The most frequent fractures are those of the wrist, femur, ankle, vertebra, forearm, humerus and pelvis. We recover all of them effectively.

Post- Fracture Rehabilitation marbella physio

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