We conduct a throughout clinical assessment to identify the source of your symptoms and discover any underlying causes. We will discuss our findings with you and treatment would usually begin in this initial session. Your physiotherapy treatment will last an hour. Book now

Sports Injuries and Muscular Pain

A significant proportion of the patients we treat have sports related injuries. Our expertise in sports massage and biomechanical analysis will help you return to your activities, unlocking your full potential, as a result.

Tendon sprains and strains. Shoulder tendonitis. Goosefoot tendonitis. Supraspinatus tendonitis. Rotator cuff tendonitis. Patellar tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis. Tennis elbow. Golfer elbow. Ligament sprains. Lateral ligament. Injury of the ankle. Acute muscular injuries/tears. Chronic overuse injuries and biomechanical problems. Contractures. Myofascial trigger points. Fibromyalgia. Contusions and bruises. 

Trauma and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

We treat patients with a wide range of traumatic injuries. In short, we treat: 

Fractures. Dislocations knee and hip prosthesis. Amputees. Neck, back and spinal pain. Whiplash injuries. Headaches. Discogenic lesions ‘slipped disc’. Sciatica. Posture related back and neck problems. Chronic pain.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

We address the needs of our older generation. Above all, we aim to maintain functional independence in the elderly. 

Degenerative musculoskeletal and mental diseases. Long immobilisations. Active mobilisations. Passive mobilisations. Walk and balance rehabilitation. Psychomotricity.

Post- Fracture Rehabilitation

Most fractured bones will heal in usually six weeks. But that is only half of the problem. Because of this, we carefully perform post-trauma rehabilitation to ensure fast return to full function.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

We treat a wide range of conditions that impact the respiratory system. Moreover, we apply various chest clearance techniques, also exercise and learning pacing and resting positions to enable maximum functional ability.  

Bronchitis. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Cystic fibrosis. Asthma. Pulmonary emphysema. Bronchial obstruction reduction. Cough stimulation exercises.  Diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Discharge eradication. Exhalation exercises.

Rehabilitation for Patients in Bed

We help patients to be independent after long immobilization periods because they have been hospitalised.

Posture changes. Muscle maintenance exercises. Joint mobilisation and muscle tone recovery.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

We re-establish joint motion, muscle strength around the joint and, most importantly, joint function.

Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Meniscus tears. Arthroscopy. Shoulder decompression or rotator cuff repair

Pediatric Physiotherapy

We find working with children exciting, challenging and enriching. So we help children to achieve their optimal physical development.  We offer personalised physiotherapy treatments to the ever changing needs of the your child.

Torticollis. Balance and coordination. Spasticity. Strength and endurance. Children’s cerebral palsy. Deformities.  Motor skills

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy involves the treatment of people with movement and function disorders because of problems within the body’s nervous and neuromuscular system. For example:
Cerebral palsy. Hemiplegia. Degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Spinal cord injuries. Alzheimer disease. Multiple sclerosis. Cerebral infarction. Parkinson.


We provide assessment, treatment and advice for all rheumatology conditions. To sum up, we treat all stages of rheumatic conditions from newly diagnosed to patients with long standing problems. 
Arthritis. Arthrosis. Osteoporosis. Fibromyalgia. Ankylosing spondylitis


There are well over 20 different physiotherapy treatment approaches commonly used by GuerreroPhysio. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Myofascial Release

Neurodynamics Physiotherapy


Spinal, Vertebral & Joints Manipulations


Dry Needling


Muscular & Myofascial Stretching


Manual Therapy, Maitland

Visceral Manual Therapy

Cyriax Therapy