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With tecartherapy, an electromagnetic current is applied to biological tissue. The capacitive or resistive electromagnetic field created when applying the electrodes of diathermy equipment generates heat, allowing for specific and easy-to-administer therapeutic applications even deep in the tissue.

How is diathermy used in physiotherapy?

Diathermy in physiotherapy is used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including: pain, inflammation, skin diseases and circulation problems.

Effects of Diathermy

Increase in temperature in deep tissues, Stimulation of blood circulation, Increases cellular metabolism, Relaxes muscles, Anti-inflammatory effect, Helps correct tissue healing, Analgesia.

Indications for Diathermy

Joint disorders (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.), Neurological syndromes or pathologies of nervous origin (Sciatica, neurlagia, etc.), Muscular disorders (contractures, trigger points, overloads, etc.), Pathologies of the spine (cervicalgia, low back pain, etc…),Circulatory pathologies (lymphatic drainage, venous drainage, etc.),Aesthetic purposes


For physiotherapists, the complementary use of diathermy in their sessions allows them to drastically shorten recovery periods.

Combined with manual therapy, Diathermy can be used whenever a superficial and in-depth heat treatment is needed.

All this with the unquestionable purpose of significantly shortening recovery time.

Here at Guerrerophysio we have the diathermy device: Youtecar Avanced.

Which is very effective for many types of injuries such as: tendinitis to a fibrillar tear. It has a wide range of ability to recover from injuries. It’s a great machine.


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